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Interior decoration and design ideas in seconds with Gepetto's Interior AI

Gepetto is an interior AI design app. Thanks to its artificial intelligence, it can generate decorating ideas for your house or apartment in just a few seconds, in over 30 different styles.

Photo of a living room in cosy Cap Ferret style

Interior design with the Gepetto app

Photo of an art deco-style kitchen with central island and stools

Why redecorate your home?

Redecorating your home can bring many benefits, both aesthetic and functional. Firstly, redecorating can bring a touch of freshness and renewal to the living space, which can help improve the mood and well-being of the home's occupants. In addition, well-thought-out decoration can make the space more functional and practical, by using the available space more efficiently and adding storage or comfort features. Finally, redecoration can also increase the value of a property, which can be beneficial if you're considering selling your property in the future.

Photo of a contemporary-style bar with chairs and tables

Generate decoration ideas quickly with Gepetto

Whether you're looking to freshen up your bedroom, redecorate your living room or create a new atmosphere in your kitchen, Gepetto can help you find decorating ideas to suit your needs. The tool allows you to visualize your own space redecorated by AI according to the style you've chosen, as well as the room in question.

Photo of a vintage Rio-style living room with sofas, tables and chairs

Virtual staging of empty and furnished spaces with Gepetto

Gepetto offers a virtual staging feature that quickly and easily transforms empty and furnished spaces into warm, welcoming spaces for potential buyers when putting a property up for sale. Thanks to its cutting-edge image processing and AI technology, Gepetto is able to transform photos of empty or furnished spaces into attractive, compelling images that can help stimulate buyers' imaginations and spark their interest in a property.

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How to create the best interior design renderings with Gepetto?


Photograph the different rooms of your home.

It's important to have a well-lit space and different angles in your room to guarantee optimal results.


Import your photo into the Gepetto app, choose a style and the room in question.

It's important to specify which room you're talking about, to help the AI better understand the space and therefore generate more accurate renderings. Then choose your favorite style from over 30.


Pick the "Re-design" or "Furnish" mode

The Re-design mode will generate highly creative decorating ideas and ambiences, and is the mode to use first and foremost. If the layout of your furniture doesn't suit you, or the room you've photographed is empty, use the Furnish mode to add furniture and objects.


Generate your first renderings in seconds

Now that you've generated your first renderings, you can download them or continue generating more. You can also use the "Shopping" feature to find furniture and decorative objects similar to those generated by Gepetto.


Using a rendering as a model

You can mix images created by Gepetto. This is particularly useful when combining Furnish and Re-design modes. If you were in Furnish mode, use your rendered image as a template and switch to Re-design mode to generate higher quality images from your Homestaging image.


Upscale results to HD

Like the images you've generated? With Gepetto Pro, you can uspcale and refine the results to obtain a high-definition rendering with better details. You can then download the refined image directly into your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

For every problem, we have a solution.

open iconWhat image formats work on Gepetto?
The Gepetto application supports JPEG, PNG, WEBP, and HEIC formats. Be careful not to use images with too low resolution.
close iconCan I furnish empty rooms?
Yes, the Furnish mode allows you to do so. Opt for the Smart Staging function for a more precise result (on empty rooms only).
close iconCan I enhance already furnished spaces?
Yes, the Redesign mode allows you to do so. You can also define the elements of your room to keep intact (walls, floor, exterior view, fireplace, etc.) using the exclusion mask.
close iconCan I transform exteriors?
Yes, in Redesign, Furnish, or Sunshine mode, you can enhance, renovate, and redesign your exteriors to make them more attractive.
close iconCan I brighten a gray sky?
Yes, thanks to the Sunshine mode, you can transform the sky in your outdoor photos and give them a summer flavor.
close iconCan I use commercially generated images?
With the Gepetto Pro offer, you can use images generated with Gepetto commercially without any counterpart.
close iconCan I try Gepetto for free?
Gepetto has a trial version that allows you to generate a few renders for free.
close iconAre my images stored on your servers?
Images are stored on our servers so you can find them in the "Projects" tab.
close iconCan I cancel my subscription at any time?
Absolutely, you can cancel your Gepetto subscription at any time in your account settings by clicking on the "Manage my subscription" button. You can then continue to enjoy your subscription until its term ends.

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