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BlogThe ultimate guide to virtual home staging in 2023

The ultimate guide to virtual home staging in 2023

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If you're planning to sell your home, virtual staging can be a powerful tool to attract the attention of online buyers. Unlike traditional home staging, virtual staging involves creating high-quality visuals for your real estate listing using interior design applications powered by artificial intelligence. This allows buyers to view your home in its best light, even if it is empty or poorly furnished. In this article, we'll walk you through all the necessary steps for successful virtual staging.

What is virtual staging and why do you need it?

Virtual staging is an online real estate method that allows home sellers to make their property look its best, without having to rent furniture or invest in expensive renovations. It is especially useful for empty properties or furnished homes with outdated or poor quality furniture. Virtual staging is a great way to showcase a property's potential and generate interest from online buyers.

Benefits of virtual staging for home sellers

Virtual staging offers many benefits for home sellers, including:

  • Improving your property's visibility: Real estate listings with high-quality photos are more likely to attract the attention of online buyers.
  • Reduce time on market: Homes with virtual staging tend to sell faster than those without.
  • Increase earning potential: Homes with virtual staging tend to sell for a higher price than those without.

How virtual staging works for home buyers

Virtual staging allows buyers to see your home at its best, even if they can't visit it in person. This can help them get a better idea of the space, layout and potential of your property. Buyers can see what the property would look like when furnished and decorated, which can help them project themselves into the space and feel more comfortable with the idea of buying the home.

Steps to follow for a successful virtual staging

Step 1: Preparing the house

Before you begin the virtual staging process, you need to prepare your home by cleaning and de-cluttering it. Remove anything unnecessary or cluttered and make sure the house is clean and tidy. It is also important to make sure that all necessary repairs have been done before starting the virtual staging process.

Step 2: Home Analysis and Photography

The next step is to analyze your home to determine the key elements that should be highlighted in the virtual home staging visuals. This may include architectural features, views, unique features or any other elements that could be an asset to your property. It is time to take high quality photos of your property. The photos should be taken from the right angle and with good lighting to show the home in its best light. After the photos are taken, they should be edited to correct imperfections and improve the quality of the image.

Step 3: Designing and implementing virtual staging images with the Gepetto application

Once you have photographed your home from different angles, you can download the Gepetto app. Geppeto is an iOS and web application that will allow you to re-decorate your home in seconds from the photos you took. Import your photos into Gepetto, select which room it is and finally, select in which style you want to revamp it. Favour modern styles such as "contemporary", "modern" or "mansion" style which are perfectly adapted for the sale of goods. If your house or apartment is not furnished, use the "Home staging" mode which allows you to furnish the empty spaces. If the property is already furnished, you can use the "Inspiration" mode.

Step 4: Publish the listing online

Once you have obtained high quality virtual staging images, you can use them to publish your real estate listing online. Make sure the images are accompanied by a detailed description of the property to catch the attention of online buyers.

Tips for successful virtual staging

Virtual staging may seem intimidating at first, but with the right tips, it can be easily achieved. Here are some tips for successful virtual staging:

Take pictures of your space during the day

To obtain quality renderings on your home staging application, you will need to favor daylight. Indeed, Gepetto uses artificial intelligence and must understand the space clearly in order to re-decorate and re-create quality and photorealistic images.

Create a consistent presentation

Make sure the presentation of your property is consistent from room to room. Use similar styles to create a harmonious atmosphere throughout the house. In the property listing, make it clear when virtual staging renderings are involved so as not to disappoint.

Redecorate the less important rooms

Rooms such as the bathroom can be an asset in your listing if the images presented are appropriate. So don't hesitate to use your Home Staging application to redecorate them and give them a fresh touch.

Avoid clutter

It is important not to overload the room with too much furniture or accessories, as this can make the room feel cluttered and disorganized. Opt for simple furniture and accessories that enhance the room without overpowering it.


Virtual staging is an effective technique to attract the attention of online buyers and sell your property faster. By following the steps and tips mentioned in this article, you can easily achieve virtual staging and create high quality images that showcase your property. Remember, virtual staging is a worthwhile investment that can help you get the best price for your property.

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