Improvement: The furnish mode becomes even more powerful

Virtual staging and re-design powered by AI

Furnish and redecorate your properties in over 30 different styles, help your clients visualize their future home and get more inquiries on your real estate listings.

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What does Gepetto do for me ?

Virtual Staging

Automatically furnish your rooms with Smart Staging or furnish only certain areas of your room by drawing the area to furnish.


Does your room look outdated? Gepetto can renovate it in seconds in the desired style while preserving the elements you want.

Sky Transformation

Transform the cloudy and rainy skies of your exteriors into blue skies, sunrise, or sunset automatically.

Object Removal

Remove unwanted furniture, stains, or any other defects your room may have simply by erasing them.

Repainting Walls

Do you want walls of a certain color rather than another? Gepetto repaints your selected surfaces in the desired color.

Outdoor Design

Gepetto can furnish and redesign your exteriors to include a garden, terrace, or even a pool!

Outdoor Renovation

Renovate old, run-down homes to refresh them or give them a livable appearance.

It's like Pinterest on steroids for virtual staging

Revamp old or unfurnished spaces in a few seconds to help your future buyers to project themselves in their future property. The first impression is the most important.

Furnish empty rooms and bring them to life in 15 seconds

No measuring or complicated 3D configuration - With Gepetto, you only need one photo to get a photorealistic rendering in a few seconds.

How does it work ?


Upload Your Room Photo - Furnished or Empty

Simply specify the type of room you're uploading, and let our AI decipher the context for an optimal redesign experience.


Select Your Preferred Style and Mode

Gepetto offers over 30 distinct styles, meticulously crafted by professional interior designers, adaptable to all tastes and property types you're looking to redecorate or furnish.


Generate and Customize High-Quality Renders

From your generated renders, choose the ones you'd like to refine, download, or blend with other styles for an even more imaginative and lifelike result.


Stage empty rooms with Smart Staging

Gepetto's Smart Staging furnish your empty rooms on autopilot, you just let the magic happen.


Strictly modify specific areas

With the custom mask tool, you can precisely define areas to furnish and decorate beautifully according to your room.


Renovate outdoors

Because a property with a beautiful outdoor sells better, help your clients envision the work on their future pool and terrace in a few seconds.


Change the walls color

Dynamically select surfaces with paint or wallpaper that are no longer in style, and choose their new color.


Perfect sky editor

No summer's high, no warm July... No need to shoot your properties during a sunny day, Gepetto gets your sky sunny in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

For every problem, we have a solution.

open iconWhat image formats work on Gepetto?
The Gepetto application supports JPEG, PNG, WEBP, and HEIC formats. Be careful not to use images with too low resolution.
close iconCan I furnish empty rooms?
Yes, the Furnish mode allows you to do so. Opt for the Smart Staging function for a more precise result (on empty rooms only).
close iconCan I enhance already furnished spaces?
Yes, the Redesign mode allows you to do so. You can also define the elements of your room to keep intact (walls, floor, exterior view, fireplace, etc.) using the exclusion mask.
close iconCan I transform exteriors?
Yes, in Redesign, Furnish, or Sunshine mode, you can enhance, renovate, and redesign your exteriors to make them more attractive.
close iconCan I brighten a gray sky?
Yes, thanks to the Sunshine mode, you can transform the sky in your outdoor photos and give them a summer flavor.
close iconCan I use commercially generated images?
With the Gepetto Pro offer, you can use images generated with Gepetto commercially without any counterpart.
close iconCan I try Gepetto for free?
Gepetto has a trial version that allows you to generate a few renders for free.
close iconAre my images stored on your servers?
Images are stored on our servers so you can find them in the "Projects" tab.
close iconCan I cancel my subscription at any time?
Absolutely, you can cancel your Gepetto subscription at any time in your account settings by clicking on the "Manage my subscription" button. You can then continue to enjoy your subscription until its term ends.

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